Educational Foundation

The Department of Educational Foundations is one of the five departments in the College of Agricultural and Science Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. As the youngest and the newest department in the College, it came into existence on 4th June, 2014 following the Senate approval under the able chairmanship and the visionary leadership of the past  Vice-Chancellor, Professor Hilary Odo Edeoga.            

The untiring efforts and burning desires of Professor Nneka A. Umezulike, the Dean of the College, in ensuring that the Department come into existence cannot be forgotten in the history of the Department.

Associate Professor Melody N. Modebelu is blessed to be appointed as the pioneer Head of the Department. Her sleepless nights to ensure that the programmes curriculum requirements were ready for information and necessary actions towards the approval and take-off of the Department cannot be over-emphasized.

The unalloyed assistance of a good number of staff in seeing that our dreams come true is immeasurable. The overwhelming supporting efforts of Professor Celestine U.U.U. Kadurumba, Professor Ursula N. Akanwa, Dr. Lawrence O. Eya, and others must be remembered and appreciated in the history of the Department.

The programmes implementation efficiency and effectiveness are made possible through unrelenting efforts of the programme leaders in the Department. The programme leaders are:  

Professor N. A. Umezulike-                      Adult & Continuing Education                                                                                                                                         

Associate Professor M. N. Modebelu-  Administration & Planning/ Business  Education      

Dr. L. O. Eya                                             Accounting Education                                                   

Dr.  N. Ibiam-                                          Administration & Planning                                                                                             

 Dr. U. P. N. Amadi-                               Curriculum Studies                                                          

Dr. O. P. Obi –                                     Guidance & Counselling   

Dr. R. N. Uzoka-                                  Educational Psychology   

 Professor C. U. U. U. Kadurumba-       Guidance & Counselling Education                                                                                      

 M. O. Ede-                                                  Economics Education                                                                   

In the efficient and effective implementation of the facilities and the programmes are very worthy of recognition in this history.


The Department aims at producing highly motivated, conscientious, trained and qualified manpower with appropriate administrative, managerial and learning facilitation skills, abilities, attitudes, values and desired competences required for professional expertise development of national sustainable education for attaining sustainable national economy in Nigeria.


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