Continuing Education Centre (CEC)

Continuing Education Centre (CEC)

The Continuing Education Centre (CEC) formally called centre for Continuing Education (CCE) was established in the year 2003. Prof. Mba Uzoukwu was the first Director and he piloted the affairs of the centre from 2003 to 2007. The centre was running a programme under consultancy services unit of the University. It operated at two different locations, Aba centre and Umuahia centre situated at number 50 warri street umuahia.   The two satellite centres had co-ordinators in the persons of Mrs. Ikpekaogu for umuahia centre and Mr Nwaubani for Aba centre. Both study centres were relocated to the university campus (umudike) in 2007 during the second (2nd) semester 2006/2007 academic year for effective supervision and monitoring of their activities. In 2007, the centre was renamed Continuing Education Centre and was co-ordinated by Prof. V.E. Osodeke who served as Ag. Director of the centre. Currently, the Director of the centre is Prof. G.A. Emerole.

The centre then runs the following programmes MBA and PGD (Project Management), Accountancy, Human Resources Management (HRM), Marketing, Banking/Finances, Business Management. Currently, the centre is running the following courses for part-time programme:

  1. Part- time Degree
  • Agricultural Economics,
  • Rural Sociology
  • Agricultural Education
  • Integrated Science Education,
  • Mathematics Education
  • Computer Science Education
  • Home Economics Education,
  • Biology Education
  • Chemistry Education
  • Physics Education
  • Agronomy, Plant Health Management, soil Science and Meteorology,
  • Computer Science
  • Accounting
  • Banking and Finance,
  • Business Administration
  • Entrepreneurship Studies. The centre is also running ND programme in all the programmes in college of Management Sciences, Agribusiness and Computer Sciences.
  • Human Resource Mgt


The Continuing Education Centre (CEC) was formally called Centre for Continuing Education which was established in 2003. Prof. Mba Uzoukwu was the first Director who piloted the affairs of the centre from 2003-2007, then Prof. V.E. Osodeke took over the centre from 2007-2012, Rev. C.E. Nwadighoha took over the centre as Ag. Director on 22nd May, 2012-13th Feb. 2015. Rev. C.E. Nwadighoha handed over to Engr. Dr. (Mrs.) Ugwoke F.N. on 16th Feb. 2015, who in turn handed to Prof. G.A. Emerole on November, 2015.

Currently, Prof. G.A. Emerole is the Director of the centre.


The main objectives of the B.Sc Degree Programme of the Continuing Education Centre are to:

  • Engender Entrepreneurial spirit and thinking in the mind of its products which will make them wealth creators.
  • Develop students’ sense of purpose to valuable tools and insights on god project management.
  • Develop in student the mind-set to be self-reliant, creative, and to evaluate valuable business opportunities in the environment.
  • Equip the students to be change agents in their environment, through thought provoking and innovative ventures.
  • To provide educational opportunity for people of catchment areas of the university, its environs and beyond, those by virtue of their jobs are unable to pursue regular University Education.
  • To teach, examine and present such students for certification.
  • To offer Training, Orientation, Seminar and Workshop, in particular in exams ethics etc.
  • To perform other services that may be assigned to the Centre by the University Authority