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Vision, Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission & Objectives

College of Agricultural and Science Education (CASE) is research-oriented, and student-centered. As such, she offers personal and general counseling services. Some of the driving principles and goals of the College are embodied in the following statements:

Vision Statements

To be one of the recognized leading college of education and research in education; the College of Agricultural and Science Education (CASE) seeks to produce professional qualified Agricultural, arts and Science Education teachers that will foster the interest of the youths in agriculture and the science to ensure self sufficiency in food and fibre production.

Mission Statement

The college of Agricultural and Science Education engages in the following:

  • Production of pedagogically skilled and innovative agriculture and science education teachers through quality teaching, research and extension.
  • Production of graduate teachers that can compete nationally and internationally both qualitatively and quantitatively in the development of the education industry.
  • Production of highly motivated, competent, and conscientious Agricultural, Home Economics, and Science Education teachers that are efficient and effective in the classroom in  particular, and world of work in general.
  • Production of high quality practically oriented, trained graduates who can cope competently with media services in libraries and information centers.

The academic objectives of the College of Agricultural and Science Education (CASE) are to provide outstanding education and research programs that:

  • Produce teachers with the spirit of inquiry, creativity and self-reliance in teaching of agricultural science, home economics and other sciences.
  • Train teachers that will adjust rightly to social life of the community arid the society at large in contributing to rural development and environmental sustainability.
  • Produce teachers that will have absolute commitment to the teaching profession by fostering integrity, discipline, honour and respect in teaching locally and globally.
  • Produce competent personnel for all professional work in Libraries, information and record centers.
  • Teach library skills to learners in secondary schools, prepare generations of dedicated librarians and information scientists who will serve as catalyst for the rapid development of information institutions in Nigeria and else where in the World.
  • Produce teachers with intellectual and professional ability adequate for leadership in performance of their duties.