Industrial Technology Education

Dr. U. A. Ukoha

Acting Head of Department

Welcome Message

Dear student, you are most welcome to the wonderful department of Industrial Technology Education (ITE). This is a department similar to every other department in name and structure, but very unique and like no other department in memorable academic experiences. It is a department for those who desire to be indispensably useful in life, need the requisite skills to actualize that desire, and are ready to benefit from every learning opportunity provided by the department.

Industrial Technology Education furnishes its students with not only theoretical knowledge and pedagogical skills, but also hands-on experience in the various aspects of engineering and technology. It is a versatile department that gives its all to adequately train students into versatile, knowledgeable and very skilled members of society. In the occupational trend and economic realities of the 21st century, this is most desirable.

Again, I welcome you and ask that you reach out and embrace your destiny in knowledge and versatility!


Professor Vincent Eze Onweh