Name:                                                                  Ede Maxwell Okwudili (Ph.D)

Nationality:                                                          Nigerian



Name of Employer:                                            Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike.

Date of Assumption of Duty:                            15th August, 2011

Status on Appointment:                                    Assistant Lecturer

Present Status:                                                 Lecturer II

Date of Last Promotion:                                  1st October, 2014

Date of Confirmation of Appointment:          15th August, 2013

Present Salary:                                                 CANUSS 33

Department/Unit:                                           Educational Management



Educational Institutions Attended with Dates:

·        Abia State University, Uturu                                       2011-2015

·        Ebonyi State University, Abakaliki                              2007-2009

·        University of Nigeria, Nsukka                                      1997-2002

·        Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu                  1994-1996

·        Isi-Uzo Sec. School Ikem/Neke                                   1987-1994

·        Comm. Central Sch. Ikem-UNO                                 1980-1986


·        Measurement and Evaluation                    Ph.D           2015

·        Economics Education                               M.Ed           2009

·        Economics Education                               B.Sc.Ed      2002

·        Economics/Social Studies                        NCE            1996

·                                                                           SSCE          1994

·                                                                          FSLC         1986


Membership of Committees:

·        College Welfare Committee

·        College Library/Resource Room Committee

·        College Accreditation Committee

·        Assistant Co-ordinator Sandwich Programme COE, MOUAU

Membership of Committee outside MOUAU:

·        Men’s Fellowship Eha-Amufu Diocese

·        WOYEF Movement (An NGO)

·        Eagles Forum Ikem

Membership of Professional Bodies:

·         International Association of Economics Educators (IAEE)

·        Curriculum Organization of Nigeria  (CON)

·        Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN)

·        International Association of Economics Educators



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1st Annual Conference of Godfrey Okoye University, Enugu, Enugu State held on 1st-4th May 2017

1st Annual Conference of International Association of Economics Educators held at University of Nigeria Nsukka 



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