Professor Nnennaya Ibiam


     Name:    Ibiam, Nnennaya

    Nationality:    Nigerian
    Date of Assumption of Duty:    1st June, 1994

    Status on  Appointment    Lecture I(Conversion, Jan. 2006)

    Present Status:    Professor  

     Date of last promotion:    1st October 2015

    Date of Confirmation of Appointment:    1984

    Present Salary    CONUASS 7

    Department:    Educational Management

    College:    College of Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike



1.    Educational Institutions Attended (With Dates)

     Abia State University, Uturu     2005
    University of Calabar                1992
    University of Nigeria, Nsukka    1983

2.    Academic/Professional Qualification (With Dates):

    Ph.D Educational Management and Planning       2005
    M.ED Educational Administration and Planning    1992
    B.Sc. (Ed) Biology    1983

3.    Certificate Courses:

 •    Teachers Registration Council Certified Teachers Certificate 
•    DFID’s Capacity Building 
•    Development Living Earth Nigeria Foundation
•    Strategic Management Training for MOUAU University Administrator 

C1.    Working Experience in MOUAU    

    Assistant Registrar (College Officer, General Administration Unit)    1994-1998
    Senior Assistant Registrar (College Officer, Senate Affairs Unit)    1998-2001
    Principal Assistant Registrar, Head of Unit Personnel – SPATS    2001-2004
    Deputy Registrar Head of Unit Personnel SPATS    2004-2005
    Lecturer I on Conversion    2006 
    Associate Professor    2012
    Senior Lecturer    2009
    Ag. Head of Department Agricultural Education    2010 – 2011
    Ag. Dean  College of Agricultural and Science Education    2011 – 2012
    Professor    2015
    HOD, Agric Education    2017 

2    Previous Work Experience Outside MOUAU:    

    State Education Management Board (Teaching) Owerri    1984-1990
    State Education Management Board (Teaching) Umuahia    1990-1994

    Teaching Research Administrative and Outreach Activities    

     Courses Taught¬  Undergraduate    
    EDU 111    History of Education
    EDU 221    Teaching Method in Education
    EDU 311    Educational Administration 1
    EDU 324    Conducting and Reporting Research in Education
    EDU 411    Organization of Primary and Secondary Education
    AED 400    Research Project
    EDU 414    School Inspection and Supervision
    EDU 417    Teaching Practice
    AED 401    Seminar 
    EDU 422    School Health Education
    EDU 425    Techniques in Continuous Assessment
    EDA 224    Educational Supervision in Nigeria
    EDU 321    Teaching Practice 
    EDU 400    Research Project


PGD 728    –    Curriculum Trends in Special Education     3
PGD 715    –    Educational Administration and School Supervision    3
PGD 729    –    Teaching Practice    
EDU 812    –    Personnel Management in Education    2
EDU 813    –    Advanced Economics of Education    2
EDU 801    –    Graduate Seminar     1
EDU 820    –    Advanced Politics in Education    2
EDU 824    –    Advanced Educational Finance    3
EDU 800    –    Thesis    2
EDA 912    –    Population Studies for Education Management    3
EDA 913    –    Seminar on Planning Science Education    2
EDA 924     –    Formal Organization and N.on Formal Education    3
EDA 925     –    Education Building and Facilities     3
EDA 927    –    Seminar in Educational Administration    1
EDA 900    –    Dissertation    18

D.    Membership of Committees/Bodies

•    Member, Senate Committee – Award for Winning Laurels in sports Activities, 2012
•    Member,  Investigation Committee on the activities of Security man, 2012
•    Member, Post Graduate Board 2012
•    Member, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike Secondary School Board 2011
•    Member, Audit ASUU Committee, 2010
•    Member, Collaboration with Abia State Government on Poverty Alleviation 2009
•    Hall warden 2007
•    Secretary Committee on the Commercialization of the University Guest House 2002
•    Member, University Ceremonial Committee 2002
•    Secretary, Investigation Panel into Burglary incident at the University Guest House 2004
•    Secretary, Nigerian Universities Network (NUNET) Committee 1996-1999
•    Member, University Draft Condition of Service 1995
•    Task Force on the Mission, Mandate Accomplishment, MOUAU 2006
•    Vice-Chancellor’s Publication Committee 2007
•    Niger Valley Basin Project ENPLAN 2006
•    Making Progress on the Reform Process 2007
•    College Board, Agricultural Economics, Rural Sociology and Extension
•    (Rep) CAERSE, CEET College Board
•    Curriculum Review Committee
•    Member Review of Draft Constitution
•    Member Investigation Panel on burglary of Administrator’s office in School of General Studies 2013
•    Member College Board  (CASE 2015)
•    Sub-committee on curriculum harmonization 2014


 •    President, Women Guild Presbyterian Church of Nigeria World Bank Parish, Umuahia
•    Member, Presbyterian Harvest Committee
•    Member, Organizing  Committee Presbyterian Women Guild Mothers Week Activities
•    Secretary Edda Women league
•    Member, Ekoli Consultative Forum
•    Member Edda Christian Association
•    Team Leader, West African Examination Council
•    Chief Examiner, National Examination Council
•    Member, Teacher’s Registration Council of Nigeria
•    Nigerian Association of Educational Administration and Planning
•    Association for Educational media and Technology
•    President, Integrate Development Partners (NGO)
•    Focus Organization (NGO)
•    Member, Nigeria Institute of Management
•    Chairman Harvest Committee (PCN)


    Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria
Nigeria Institute of Management
Nigeria Institute of Personnel Management
Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning
Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology
Member Commonwealth Council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM)

    University Commendations
    •    Commended for Production of the Draft document on staff conditions of service, 1996.
•    Commended for Excellent Performance University Appraisal Committee Meeting 2002


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H.    Conferences Attended with Dates

    1.    Nigeria Association for Educational media and Technology. 
Theme: Information and Communications Technology in Education, Training and Development. 
Venue:   University of Port Harcourt, Choba. 
Date:      4th -7th November, 2003

2.    Nigeria Academy of Education 18th Annual Congress. 
Theme: Minimum Standards and Accountability in the Nigerian Education System. 
Venue:   University of Port Harcourt ICT Complex Choba. 
Date:      10th – 14th November 2003.

3.    Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP). Theme: The Organization and Management of Primary and Secondary                  Education in Nigeria. 
Venue:  University of Ibadan. 
Date:     29th -31st October, 2003

4.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning. 
Theme: Public/Private School Dichotomy in Nigeria Education System. Venue:   University of Calabar. 
Date:      14th -16th July 2005.

5.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning. 
Theme: Access, Equity and Quality in Higher Education. 
Venue: Enugu State University of Science and Technology. 
Date:    2nd -6th October 2006

6.    Nigeria Association for Educational administration and Planning. 
Theme: Managing Education for Sustainable Development in Developing Countries. 
Venue:   Sheraton Hotel and Towers Abuja Nigeria. 
Date:     23rd – 27th September 2008.

7.    Agricultural Extension Society of Nigeria (AESON). 
Theme: National Development, the Need for an Agricultural Extension Policy. 
Venue:  Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. 
Date:     8th -11th April 2008.

8.     Agricultural Society of Rural Sociology of Nigeria. 
Theme: Policy and Advocacy Role in Agricultural and Rural Transformation in Nigeria. 
Venue: National Root Crops Research Institute Umudike. 
Date:    19th – 22nd August 2008.

9.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP)
Theme: Managing Inventions in the Educational System
Venue:  Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka
Date:     22nd – 26th September 2009

10.    Maiden National Conference
Theme: Issues on Contemporary Nigerian Education
Venue: Imo State University Owerri
Date:    12th – 15th July 2010

11.    International Conference, Calabar
Theme: Global Reforms in Teacher Education
Venue: University of Calabar
Date:     8th -10th September, 2010

12.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning
Theme: Educational Management, Environmental Literacy and Climate Change
Venue:    Port Harcourt
Date:       26th – 29th October 2010

13.    Nigerian Society for Psychical Research
Theme: The search for the Nigeria Psyche
Venue:  Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
Date:     November 2009 

14.    Nigeria Society for Psychical Research. Annual Conference
Theme: Towards the Rebranding of Various Sectors of National Life
Venue: Imo State University Owerri
Date:    8th -11th November 2010

15.    Curriculum Organization of Nigeria Conference
Theme: Basic Education and Teachers
Venue: Ebonyi State University Abakaliki
Date:    September 2010

16.    Curriculum Organization of Nigeria, 24th Annual Conference
Theme: Curriculum and Entrepreneurship, Skills Acquisition in Nigeria
Venue: Benue State University Makurdi 
Date:    14th – 17th September 2011

17.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning
Theme: Knowledge and Learning Management (KALM) Principles, Opportunities, Application and Challenges
Venue:    Ekpoma-Edo State
Date:       10th – 14h October 2011

18.    Nigeria Institute of Management Chartered. 50th Anniversary Celebrations
Theme: Governance in the 21st Century Nigeria
Venue: International Conference Centre, Herbert Macaulay Road Garki,             Abuja
Date:    25th – 28th September 2011

19.    Nigeria Society for Psychical Research. 4th National Annual Conference
Theme: The Nigeria Child and Psychopathological Problems
Venue:  Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka
Date:     7th – 10th November 2011

20.    6th Regional Conference on Higher Education for a Globalized World.
Theme: Research and Policy Network (HERPNET)
Venue: University of Lagos
Date:    15th – 17th October 2011

21.    Tomorrow People, 7th Annual Education and Development Conference
Theme: Leadership, Education Innovation
Venue: Royal Benja Hotel Bangkok, Thailand
Date:    5th – 7th March 2012

22.    Annual Conference, Committee of Deans of Education (CDE) in Nigerian Universities.
Theme: Quality Assurance in Teacher Education in Nigeria
Venue:  Delta State
Date:      7th – 9th August 2012

23.    Seventh Regional Conference on Higher Education for a Globalized World. Organized by Higher Education Research and Policy Network (HERNET).
Theme: Transforming Higher Education for a Globalized World
Venue:  University of Ibadan
Date:     17th – 21st September 2012

24.    National Conference of the Nigerian Council of Educational Psychologists (NCEP).
Theme: Psychological Issues in the Implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE)
Venue:   ETF Hall, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
Date:      6th – 8th September, 2012

25.    Nigerian Association for Educational Administration and Planning
Theme: Managing Education for National Transformation
Venue: Makurdi Benue State
Date:    9th – 13th October 2012

26.    London International Conference on Education (LICE)
Theme: Theory and Practices in Education
Venue: Thistle Hotel, London Heathrow UK
Date:    19th – 22nd November 2012

27.    The International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD).
      Theme: Quality Management in Education
      Venue: Della, Texas, USA
       Date: 18th – 21st April 2013
28.    1st International Conference/Workshop on Higher Education for Development Port Harcourt Nigeria
     Theme: Knowledge for Development
     Venue: CHES UNIPORT. Centre for Higher Education
     Date: 29th – 30th August 2013

29.    Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning (NAEAP) 32nd Annual Conference
     Theme: Managing Education for National Security
     Venue: Bedandims Hotels and Resort
     Date: 8th – 11th October, 2013

30.    1st National Conference of College of Agric and Science Education (CASE) Theme: 21st Century’s Issues in Education
      Venue: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
       Date: 1st – 4th July, 2014

31. Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning     (NAEAP)
       Theme: Managing and Planning Education for Peace Building in     Nigeria
        Venue: Alhaji Shehu Musar Yaradua Ultra Modern Centre, Abuja
        Date: 14th – 17th October 2014

31.     1st International Conference of Socity and Communication Development Research
Theme: Corporate Social Responsibility and Community
Venue: Anyim Pius Anyim Auditorium, MOUAU
Date: 16th – 18th August 2016

    •    Agricultural Society if Rural Sociology of Nigeria
•    Nigeria Association for Educational Media and Technology
•    Nigeria Academy of Education


    •    Integrated Development Partners (NGO) Member
•    Focus Organization (NGO) Member
•    Capacity Building for Decentralized Development, CBDD, for International Development (DFID) Member
•    Reading, Gardening, Listening to News and Music


    Gardening, Reading, Browsing 


1.    Prof D.A. Okpara
Department of Agronomy
College of Crop and Soil Science
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike

2.    Prof. O.O. Ekumankama
Director, Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
Abia State

3.    Prof.  Nnenna Oke
Director, School of General Studies
Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike
Abia State

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