Position:                                                     Professor

          Name          :                                              Obunadike, Joy Chinwe

          Nationality:                                                 Nigeria





          a.       Delta State University, Abraka                            2008-2011

          b.       Nnamdi Azikwe University, Awka                        2000-2004

          c.       University of Uyo                                                1988-1992

          d.       College of Education, Agbor                              1983-1986

          e.       St. Anthony’s Secondary School, Azia               1976-1981

          f.       St. James Primary School, Azia                          1972-1976



          a.       Ph.D. Home Economics (Clothing and Textiles)  2011

          b.       Ph.D. Administration and Supervision                 2004

          c.       M.ED. Administration and Supervision                2001

          d.       B.SC (Ed) Home Economics                               1992

          e.       NCE Home Economics                                        1986

          f.       G.C.E                                                                     1981




1.       Previous Work Experience outside MOUAU

          Teaching Experience in Secondary Schools

a.       Idaw River Girl’s Secondary School Enugu                            1988-1991

b.       Dennis Memorial Grammar School Enugu                             1991-2004

c.       Inland Girl’s Secondary School Onitsha                                  2004-2005


2.       Experience in Ministry of Education

          Senior Education Officer                                                         2005-2006


3.       Teaching Experience in Tertiary Institution

a)      Part-Time Lecturer, Home Economics Department,

          Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe.                    2004-2006


          Courses Taught:

·        Clothing and Textiles

·        Home Management

·        Food and Nutrition

·        Household Equipment

·        Meal Management


b)       Full-Time Lecturer, Primary Education Studies Department

           Nwafor Orizu College of Education, Nsugbe.                     2006-2012


Courses Taught:

·        School Administration and Supervision

·        Principles of Meal Management

·        Clothing Tools and Equipment

·        Introduction to Agriculture

·        Child Health and Nutrition

·        Field work Teaching Practice and Excursion

·        Home Economics in Primary Education Studies

·        Agriculture in Primary Education Studies

·        Introduction to Home Economics

·        Supervised 14 N.C.E Students’ Project



a)       Professor in Department of Agricultural and Home Economics Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, 17th October, 2015; COUNASS 72

b)      Supervision of undergraduates students (15 undergraduates)

c)       Supervision of post graduate students

          Supervised  2 Ph.D Students

          Supervised 2 M.ED Students

          14 Ph.D Students in Progress

          15 M.ED Students in Progress


d)      Courses Taught at Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,    Umudike.

          Undergraduate Courses:

          HEC 111     -Foundation of Home Economics

          HEC  112    -Basic Clothing Techniques

          HEC  117    -Meal Management

          HEC   211   -Basic Pattern Drafting

          HEC   213   -Introduction to clothing & Textiles Education

          HEC   223   -Work simplification & Household Equipment

          HEC   221   -Introduction to Home Economics

          HEC   222   -Personal, Family and community Health

          HEC   210   -Consumer Education

          HEC   311   -Clothing Selection and maintenance

          HEC   312   -Home Furnishing and management

          HEC   316   -Research methods in Home Economics

          HEC   317    -Extension Teaching and Learning methods

          HEC   324    -Manipulative skills in secondary school

          HEC   401    -Seminar in Home Economics

          HEC   425    -Interior Decoration

          Edu. 121     -Introduction to Teaching Profession

          Edu. 411     -Organization of Primary and Secondary Education in           Nigeria

          Edu. 414     -School Inspection and Supervision

          Edu. 324     -Conducting and Reporting Research in Education

          Edu. 311     -Educational Administration II

          VED 311    -Co-operative Education in Agriculture

          VED 324    -Manipulative skills in Secondary School, Home Economics

          Edu. 417     -Teaching Practice I

          AED. 400   -Research Project

          AED 401    -Seminar

          Edu. 422     -Super Visional Inspection of Education etc.


          Post Graduate Courses

          HEC 828      -Innovations and Advances in Clothing Construction

          HEC 829      -Advance Pattern Drafting and Adaptation Techniques

          HEC 904      -Consumer in the Market Place

          HEC  908     -Advanced Tailoring Techniques

          HEC  909     -Textile Designing and Construction Techniques

          HEC  926     -Entrepreneurship in Clothing and Textile

          HEC  925     -Fashion Merchandizing

          HEC  921     -Consumer and the Government

          PGD 717    -Methodology in Teaching

          PGD 727    -Curriculum Trend in Secondary School Education

          PGD 715    -Administration and School Supervision

          PGD 729    -Teaching Practice

          PGD 700    -Research Project

          EDA 801    -Seminar

          EDA 812    -Personnel Management in Education

          EDA 821    -Comparative Education

          EDA 911    -Education Law

          EDA 925    -Education Building and Facilities etc.



a.       Knowledge Review. A multi-disciplinary Journal (NAFAK)

          Title: Emerging Issues in Vocational Education in Nigeria, 2009.

b.       Multi-disciplinary Journal of Research development (NARD)

          Title: The Nigerian Educational System and UBE: The challenges of Teaching Sciences in the 21st Century.

c.       Nigeria Journal of Research and Production (NIJOREP)

          Title: Raw Materials Sourcing for sustainable industrial development of Nigeria. 2009

d.       Educational Research Journal (ERJ)

          Title: The Role of Guidance and Counselling in the proper delivery  of  Universal Basic Education in         Nigeria. 2012.

e.       Education Research (www.interes.journals)

          Title: Conducting Examination in Nigerian Universities: The Quandary   of Missing Scripts and Scores. 2012

f.       Universal Research Journal of Education and General Studies (UJEGS)

          Title: The ESL Secondary School Students’ perceptions on the use of  computer in development writing skills, 2012.

g.       International Scholars Journal (ISJ)

          Title: Marginalization a sure determinant to academic failure: Teachers  perception in India. 2013

h.       International Scholars Journal (ISJ)

          Title: Teacher Attitude, Experience and Background knowledge Effect  on the use of Inquiry Method of Teaching, 2013

i.        British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science.

          Title: Accessing ICT for Science Teaching in Nigerian Schools. Wither  the Role of School Library media centre? 2014.

j.        British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science

          Title: Factors Affecting Processes and designing curriculum development. 2014

k.       British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science

          Title: Development of the Reflective Thinking Instructional Model for  Student Teachers, 2014.

l.        British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science

          Title: Thinking Skills: The Recipe for over whelming Success in the 21st  Century 23rd July 2015

m.      Educational Research & Reviews

          Title: Problem of Implementation of strategic plans for Secondary School Improvement in Anambra State. 13th March, 2015

n.       Journal of Global Research in Education & Social Science

          Title: Challenges for utilizing ICT Facilities in Tanzanian Secondary  Schools 28th August, 2015

o.       Journal of Global Research in Education & Social Science

          Title: Examining the influence of an online homework system on final examination result in an undergraduate business statistics course 17th        Sept, 2015 

p.      Journal of Global Economics management and business research.

          Title: Performance of Artificial neural networks in prediction of Transnational Company Revenue (Nestle Europe case) 11th Nov. 2015

q.       Journal of Global Research in Education & Social Science

          Title: Theoretical Algorithm of Educational Design-Original Scientific paper 23rd Feb., 2016

r.       British Journal of Education, Society and Behavioural Science

          Title: Emerging Trends of Counselling for Sustainable Development  among students and Teachers of Secondary Schools in Southern Senatorial District of Cross River State Nigeria. 17th Sept. 2016.         



          Woman Leader, Umuohi Okija

          President Ezulu Women Meeting Okija. (Home and Abroad)

          President Ezulu na Oji Meeting Onitsha Branch



a.       Chairman, Ezulu/Oji Woman Meeting Onitsha                    2014-date

b.       Chairman, Ezulu Woman Meeting Home and Abroad        2005-date

c.       Member, Onitsha Archdiocesan Pastoral Council               2007-date  

d.       Member, Parish Council Holy Spirit Parish Omagba          1997-2005

e.       Vice Chairman, Onitsha Archdiocesan Laity Council          2002-2008

f.       Assistant Secretary, Onitsha Archdiocesan Laity Council    2008-date

g.       Vice President, CWO Holy Spirit Parish Omagba               1997-2006

h.       Patroness, Onitsha Archdiocesan Church Warden              2007-date

i.        Patroness, Altar Knight Association Basilica of the

          Most Holy Trinity  Onitsha.

j.        Patroness, CYON Onitsha Province                                      2008-date

k.       Patroness, Catholic Girls Organization Basilica of the

          Most Holy Trinity         Onitsha                                               2007-date

m.      Patroness, Onitsha Archdiocesan CYON                              2003-date

n.       Patroness, Holy Spirit Omagba CYON                                  2002-date

o.       Grand Patroness Onitsha Archdiocesan Divine

          Mercy Devotion                                                                      2007-date

p.      Patroness, Onitsha Archdiocesan Mercy Devotion                 2001-date

q.       Grand Patroness, Divine Mercy Holy Family

          Military Chaplaincy Onitsha                                                    2008-date

r.       Patroness, Holy Spirit Parish Omagba Divine Mercy

          Devotion                                                                                  2001-date

s.       Patroness, Holy Child Choir Holy Spirit Parish Omagba         2004-date

t.       Member, CWO Executive Basilica of the Most

          Holy Trinity                                                                               2007-date  

u.       President, Life Member Holy Trinity Zone                                2009-date

v.       Treasurer, Onitsha Metropolitan Laity Council                          2011-date


H.      AWARD


 i.        An award of Honuor as the Most Hardworking Lecturer by National Association of Agricultural and Science Education Students (NAASES),      2013                                                 

1.       Award of Strategic Institute for Natural RESOURCES and Human Development as “Pillars of Nation Building” March 2015

ii.       Award by Academy of Management Science as “Management Scientist” May  2015

iii.      External Examiner to Home Economics undergraduates, Abia State University 2013-date

iv.      Merit award by CWO Holy Spirit Parish Omagba Onitsha as “Lady  Evidence”

v.       Award by Holy Spirit Parish Council Omagba Onitsha as     “Temple Builder”.

vi.      Academic Award-Federal Government Scholarship for Ph.D. Programme   2002/2003

vii.     As a teacher

a)     Best form Teacher in Idaw River Girls’ Secondary School Enugu 1990

b)    Best form Teacher award in DMGS Onitsha in 1994, 1995 and 1996 respectively.




i.                   Students’ Academic Adviser NOCEN                              2009-2012

ii.                 Secretary, Staff Welfare Committee NOCEN                    2007-2012

iii.              Member, School of Education Biennial Conference             2010

iv.              Secretary, PES Department Book Publication Committee    2011-2012

v.                 Member, PES Departmental Disciplinary Committee          2009-2012

vi.              Chairman, School of Education Biennial Conference           2011-2012

vii.            Member NOCEN News Letter Publication                             2011-2012



viii.         Deputy Dean Postgraduate School                                       2015-2017

ix.              Representative in Senate College of Agriculture and

Science Education                                                                                  2014-2015

x.                 Member, Senate Special Result Consideration Committee 2014-2015

xi.              Member, Senate Business Committee                                    2014-2015

xii.            Chairman, College of Agricultural/Science

Education Staff Welfare Committee                                                         2012-2014

xiii.         Member, Agricultural/Home Economics Accreditation

Committee                                                                                               2013-2014

xiv.         CASE Representative to COLNAS and COLPAS                     2013-2015

xv.            CASE Representative to COLPAS                                          2014-date

xvi.         Member, CASE 2014 Conference Sub-Committee                   2014

xvii.       Chairman Agric/Homec Welfare Committee                               2014-date

xviii.    Chairman Catering/Entertainment Committee CASE

2015 International Conference                                                                2015

xix.         External Examiner to ABSU                                                      2015



i.        Advisory Editor African Research Review. An International Multi Disciplinary Journal Ethiopia 2009-date

ii.       Nigeria Association for Educational Administration and Planning   (NAEAP)

iii.      Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN)

iv.      National Association for the advancement of knowledge (NAFAK)

V.      National Association of Research Development (NARD)

vi.      National Association of Home Economics Council of Nigeria (HECON)

vii.     International Federation of Home Economics Association  World Wide

viii.    International Federation of Home Economics Association,  Nigeria

vix.    International Research and Development Institute





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Best form teacher in Dennis Memorial Grammar School in the year 1992/1993.

Best form teacher in Dennis Memorial Grammar School in the year 1993/1994.

Federal Government Scholarship Award for Ph.D. 2002.



a.     Advisory Editor African Research Review. An International Multi-Disciplinary Journal Ethiopia.

b.     Nigeria Association for Education Administration and Planning (NAEAP).

c.      Home Economics Research Association of Nigeria (HERAN)

d.     National Association for the Advancement of knowledge (NAFAK)

e.      National Association of Research Development (NARD)

f.       National Association of Home Economics Council of Nigeria (HECON).


Reading, Writing and traveling.



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