1.     Name:                                               Cecilia ChinyereOgbonna (Ph.D)

2.     Former Name:                                  Nwosu

3.     Nationality:                                      Nigerian

4.     Marital Status:                                 Married

5.     Present Status:                                Senior Lecturer

6.     Department:                                     Science Education

7.     Contact Address: Science Education Department,                                                         College of Agricultural and Science                                                  Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,          

                               Umudike. PMB 7267, Umuahia, ABia State.

8.     Email:                                     



1.     Educational Institutions Attended (with Dates):

i. Central School AhabaImenyi, Isiukwuato                       1970-1974

ii Girls Secondary School Ovim, Isiukwuato                      1974-1979

iiiWomen Training College, Umuahia                                 1980-1982

ivAlvanIkoku College of Education, Owerri                       1985-1988

v University of Nigeria Nsukka                                          1989-1992

vi University of Nigeria Nsukka                                         2001-2004

vii University of Nigeria Nsukka                                        2004-2007



i. FSLC                                                                               1974

ii. WASC                                                                            1979

iii. TC II                                                                              1982

iv. NCE                                                                              1988

v. B. SC (Mathematics Education)                                               1992

vi M.ED (Mathematics Education)                                               2004

vii. Ph.D (Mathematics Education)                                     2007



1 Member Curriculum Organization of Nigeria(CON)

2. Member Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN)

4       Member Mathematical Association of Nigeria(MAN)

5       National Teachers Registration Council(NTRC)

6   Association of Educational Researchers and Evaluators of Nigeria (ASSEREN)

7       The Nigerian Society for Educational Psychologists (NISEP)



Resource Person: Abia State University Basic Education Capacity Building Workshops


1. Member of curriculum review committee- department of Science Education, 2014

            F.POSITIONS HELD:

1.Female Hostel Warden, 2014 till date

2.Officer in-charge of Curriculum Development, Secondary Education Management Board (SEMB), Umuahia (2008-2012)

3. Supervisor of Schools in- charge of Mathematics, Physics and HOMEC (2009- 2012)

4. Undergraduate project coordinator from 2015 till dates.


5.Academic advising of Mathematics Education Students 300 level.



Work Experience outside Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,Umudike:

1.      Naze Secondary School Owerri                                                                 1982-1985

2.       Girls Secondary School Obinze Owerri                                                  1989-1994

3.      Girls Secondary School Amuzukwu Umuahia                                        1994-1996

4.      Ibeku High School Umuahia                                                                      1996-1998

5.      Girls Secondary School Uzuakoli                                                             1998-1999

6.      Okiaga Nkwoegwu Secondary School Umuahia                                    1999-2001

7.      Holy Ghost Secondary School Umuahia                                                  2007-2008

8.      Secondary School Supervisor                                                                    2008-2012




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1.      President Umuahia Branch, Women’s Wing of Ahaba Imenyi Welfare Association (AIWA) 2000-2005

2.      Second National Vice President A. I W. A. (2005-2009)

3.      First National Vice President A. I. W. A. (2009-2012)

4.      President General, A. I. W. A Women’s Wing Home & Abroad (2012 – Date)

5.      Secretary General, ESOCS Women Association, Umuahia Province

6.      Chairlady ESOCS Women Association, Central Management Committee 3 (CMC 3) from 2015 till date



Reading, singing and cooking



Professor K.O. Usman

Science Education Department

University of Nigeria



Prof. (Mrs.) U. N. Akanwa

H.O.D Science Education

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture



Mrs. N. Mbeyi

Principal, Hope International Secondary School


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