NAME:                                              OKECHUKWU AMADIKE, (Ph.D.)

RANK:                                               Senior Lecturer

PLACE OF BIRTH:                           Omoku

L.G.A:                                                Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni

NATIONALITY:                                   Nigerian

STATE OF ORIGIN:                          Rivers State

MARITAL STATUS:                            Married

NUMBER OF CHILDREN:                 Five

AGES:                                                            24, 21, 19, 17 and 15

E-MAIL: ADDRESS:                          

CONTACT ADDRESS:                    Department of Industrial Technology Education, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.


To function as an able hand, working with existing staff and facilities in the educational, technology or oil sector contributing the best of my ability and quota through the application of technical, interpersonal, creative and innovative skills to improve and achieve organizational objective and self-development.



1.      Community Primary School, Omoku, Rivers State     –           –           –           1971 – 1976

2.      Government Technical College, Port Harcourt, R/S.  –           –           –           1977 – 1980

3.      Government Technical College, Tombia, R/S.             –           –           –           1980 – 1983

4.      Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State           –           –           1986 – 1989

5.      University of Ibadan (UI), Oyo State.   –           –          –           –           –           1993 – 1996

6.      Rivers state university of Science and Technology PH, R/S.   –           –           2002 – 2009

7.      Enugu state University of Science and Technology (ESUT)

Enugu State.-       –           –           –           –           –           –           –           –           2011 – 2014



1.      First School Leaving Certificate (FSLC)              –           –           –           –           1976

2.      WAEC (Tech)Certificate in Electrical Installation Work (Course B)                  1983

3.      Federal Ministry of Labour Grade 3 Trade Test   –           –           –           –           1983

4.      NCE (Technical) Electrical – Electronics Technology      –           –           –           1989

5.      B.Ed(Technical) Electrical – Electronics Technology      –           –           –           1996

6.      M.Ed(Technical) Electrical – Electronics Technology      –           –           –           2009

7.      Ph.D,Electrical – Electronics Technology Education       –           –           –           2014



1.      Senior Lecturer,Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike, Abia State 9thNov, 2015 to Date.

2.      Senior Lecturer on Sabbatical leave, Department of Technical Education, Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, P/H, Rivers State 24th August, 2015 to 23rd August, 2016.

3.      Head of Department, Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, Federal College of  Education  (Technical), FCE (T) Omoku, Rivers State,  6th Aug,  2009 to 1st Sept, 2013

4.      Principal Lecturer in Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, FCE (T) Omoku R/S,

1st Oct, 2011to 1st Oct. 2013.

5.      Senior Lecturer in Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, Federal College of  Education  (Technical),  FCE (T) Omoku, Rivers State, 1st Oct. 2009 to 1st Oct. 2011.

6.      Lecturer1in Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, Federal College of Education (Technical), FCE(T) Omoku, Rivers State. 1st Oct. 2006 to 1st Oct. 2009

7.      Lecturer 2 in Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, Federal College of Education(Technical), FCE(T) Omoku, Rivers State.1stOct. 2002 to 1stOct. 2006

8.      Lecturer 3 in Electrical/Electronics Technology Education, Federal College of Education(Technical), FCE(T) Omoku, Rivers State. 1stApril, 1999 to 1stOct. 2002

9.      Technical Instructor (Teacher) Rivers State Post Primary School Board (RSPPSB) P/H, R/S,23rdFeb, 1990 to 20thMarch, 1999.

10.  Installation Inspector, National Electric Power Authority (NEPA) Yola, Adamawa State, July, 1985 to Aug. 1986



1.      Ability to teach technical/technology subjects, with effective manipulation of electrical tools for practical demonstration

2.      Electrical craft skills

3.      Basic Electricity Skills

4.      Maintenance skills



1.      Good verbal and written communication skills

2.      Interpersonal skills

3.      Adaptability and flexibility skills

4.      Innovative and critical thinking skills

5.      Problem-solving skills

6.      Team-work skills

7.      Administrative/public relations skills

8.      Willingness to learn

9.      Ability to work with little or no supervision



1.      Associate Member, Nigeria Association Of Teachers Of Technology                 –           1999

2.      Member, Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (MTRCN)                            –           2005

3.      Member, Nigeria Association of Teachers of Technology (MNATT)                  –           2011



1.      Life Patron, Umu-Ogidi Youths Association (OYA) Elu-Ohna Community-Omoku, R/S. 2002

2.      Justice of the Peace, Rivers State Government    –           –           –           –           –           2007

3.      Fellow, Strategic Institute for Natural Resources and Human Development     –                        2011

4.      Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria-          –           –           –           2012

5.      Certificate of merit, Nigeria Colleges of Education Games Association –           –           2012

6.      Certificate of Meritorious Services FCE(T) Omoku,  R/S.           –           –           –           2013



1.      Member, Teaching Practice Committee FCE(T) Omoku, R/S                              2005 – 2007

2.      Member, Examination Malpractice Committee FCE(T) Omoku, R/S July 2009 – Dec 2009

3.      Member, Examination Malpractice Committee FCE(T) Omoku R/S- Mar 22nd 2011-Aug. 2011

4.      Member, Marketing/Fund Raising Sub-Committee FCE(T) Omoku R/S  – 28th April 2011-22nd April 2012

5.      Member, Editorial Board SITTED           –           –           –           20TH Jan. 2012 – 20th Oct. 2013

6.      Member, Entrepreneurship Development Committee FCE(T) Omoku    – 6th May 2014 –  6th Nov., 2014

7.      Member, College Conference and Seminar Committee FCE(T) Omoku 29th Aug. 2013 – 21st Sept, 2015

8.      Member, Academic Board, F.C.E (T), Omoku, Rivers State – 6th August, 2009 – 1st Sept, 2013

9.      Chairman, Examination and Allied Matters Committee FCE(T) Omoku-6th Jan.2014  –  21st  Sept, 2015

10.  Academic Adviser, Department of Elect-Elects Technology  Education FCE(T) Omoku – 6th July, ’15 – 9th Nov. 2015

11.  Member, Demonstration Secondary School (DSS) Board FCE(T), Omoku- 23rd Sept. – 9thNov. 2015

12.  Managing Editor, Industrial Technology Education (ITE) Editorial Board,

Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State – 9th May, 2016 – Date

13.  Member, Departmental Editorial Board (ITE), MOUAU – 9th May, 2016 – Date

14.  Member, Committee on Payment of charges by Students of Continuous Education Centre (CEC), Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. 23rd Aug. – 20th Oct., 2016

15.  Undergraduate Research Project Coordinator, Industrial Technology Education (ITE), Michael Okpara

University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State. –          14th December, 2016 – Date

16.  Member, Industrial Technology Education (ITE), Undergraduate Research Project Vetting committee,

      Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State.          6th February 2017 – Date










Wilson Allenson.G



On going


Udensi Jessica C.


Strategies for improving Administrative Decision Making of Secondary School Principal in Umuahia, North LGA, Abia State  

On going


Ebem Dozie E.


Comparative Effectiveness of three teaching methods on students Psychomotor performance in Electrical Installation and Maintenance Work in Anambra State Technical Colleges.

On going



TITLE:                                                                                                                      CODE:

1.                  Methods of Teaching in industrial Technology Education                             ITE 311

2.                  Measuring Instrument and Testing                                                                 EET 311

3.                  Administration of Vocational Education                                                       ITE 411

4.                  Electrical Installation                                                                                      EET 321



TITLE:                                                                                                                      CODE:          

1.            Administration and Supervision in Industrial Technology Education              ITE 812

2.            Policy Issues in Industrial Technology Education                                             ITE 813

3.            Independent Technology Project/Entrepreneurial Development                       ITE 822

4.            Facilities Planning in Industrial Technology Education                                    ITE 823

5.            Electrical Machine                                                                                             ITE 826

6.            Policy Development and Analysis in Technology Education                            ITE 921

7.            Vocametrics                                                                                                       ITE 925                                                                                                 



1.            Member, Contract Review Committee ONELGA, Rivers State-         –           -1992 – 1993

2.            Security Adviser to Chairman ONELGA, Rivers State –          –           –           1995 – 1996

3.            Member, Skill Acquisition Programme, Omoku Youth Association (OYA)    1996 – 1997

4.            Member, Revenue Enforcement Agent, ONELGA,     Rivers State     –           1997 – 1998

5.            Member, Task force on Revenue Generation Committee ONELGA,

Rivers State        –           –           –           –           –           –           –           –           1997 – 1998

6.            Financial Secretary, Omoku Youth Association, Electoral Committee

(OYAEC)          –           –           –           –           –           –           –           –           1997 – 1998

7.            Secretary, Authentication Committee – Omoku Youth Association (OYA)    1998 – 1999

8.            Member, Omoku Youth Association Electoral Committee (OYAEC) –           1999 – 2000

9.            INEC Collation Officer, Ward 3, Omoku in the National Assembly

Election in Rivers State                                                                                     1999   

10.        Chairman, Omoku Electricity Stabilization Committee  (OESC)         –           2001 – 2002

11.        Chairman, Omoku Youth Association Electoral Committee (OYAEC)           2001 – 2002

12.        Member, Elu-ohna Community Council of Chiefs (ECCC)      –           –           2001 – Date

13.        Member, Omoku City Development Committee (OCDC)        –           –           2001 – 2002

14.        P.R.O. Rivers State Gas Turbine Monitoring Committee ONELGA, R/S       2003 – 2004

15.        Chairman, Omoku City Development Committee (OCDC)     –           –           2003 – 2006

16.        Member, ONELGA Peace and Security Committee, Rivers State       –           2004 – 2006

17.        Member, Project Monitoring and Compliance Committee (NAOC)     –           2004 – 2006

18.        Member, ONELGA Development Forum, Rivers State           –           –           2004 – 2007

19.        Member, Project Advisory Committee (PAC) IDSL-UGNL Project SPDC Jan, 2005 – 2006

20.        Member, Omoku Environmental Pollution Committee –           –           –           2006 – 2008

21.        Special Assistant to the Chairman on Youths Affairs, ONELGA, R/S –     Jan-April, 2010

22.        External Examiner in Electrical-Electronics Technology Education

Department for FCE(T), Omoku Rivers State for                     2016/2017 and 2017/2018




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41.     Basic Internet Skills workshop organized by the Akin’s Professionals Ltd, Sponsored by Federal College of Education (Technical), Omoku, Rivers State held at the Akin’s Computer Training School, No. 4 Police Road, Omoku, Rivers State on 15th – 22nd September, 2006.


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48.        Amadike, O. (1996) Causes and Effect of Ineffective Power Distribution In Omoku, in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni Local Government Area of Rivers State. B.Ed Research Project, Department of Technical Education, Rivers State College of Education, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


49.     Amadike, O. (2009) Factor Affecting Effective Implementation of Supervised Industrial Works Experience Scheme (SIWES) In Rivers State. M.Ed Dissertation, submitted to the Department of Science and Technical Education, Rivers State University of Science and Technology (RSUST), Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


50.        Amadike, O. (2014) Effects of Interaction Patterns on Students Achievement and Interest in Magnetism in Basic Electricity in Technical Colleges in South-South Nigeria.APh.DThesis submitted to the Department of Technology and Vocational Education (TVE) Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Enugu State.


PRESENT EMPLOYMENT AND SALARY: Senior Lecturer/CONTISS 14/6 (Personalized Salary)


ADDRESS OF THE PRESENT EMPLOYER: Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State



1.      Research and human capacity development

2.      Youth empowerment through skills acquisition for self-reliance

3.      Reading and browsing

4.      Sporting activities for leisure and recreation.



1.      Prof. (Mrs.) A. N. Alio

         Academic Adviser/Ph.D Supervisor

        Department of Technology and Vocational Education,(TVE)

        Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) Enugu,

        Enugu State.


2.      Prof. V. E. Onweh

         Head of Department

         Industrial Technology Education (ITE)

         Michael Okpara University of Agriculture (MOUA)

        Umudike, Abia State.


3.      Prof. Isaac Daramola

         Deputy Director

         Institute of Education

         University of Jos. Plateau State

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