1.         Name:                                                            Okeh, Emeka Godslove

2.         Nationality:                                                     Nigerian

3.         Present Postal Address:                           Department of Library and Information

                                                                                     Science, Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,

                                                                                    P. M. B. 7267 Umuahia.

4.         Marital Status:                                                 Married

5.         Number of Children:                                         Two

6.         Date of first Appointment in MOUAU                 01 May, 2015

7.         (a)   Total number of years of teaching

                    and research experiences in a

                    higher institution:                                       27     


             (b) Specialisation:  Library and information Science: Rural Development Information System;

                                         Academic Librarianship


             (c)   Fields of Interest:                                               


i) Reference and Information Service                                                                                           


ii)   Rural Development Information System


iii)  Academic Librarianship

                                                                                   iv)  Readership Promotion


8.         Extra-Curricular Activities:                             (a)   Playing Piano, Listening to Music,

                                                                                     Singing, Travelling and Reading




1.      Academic Qualification/ Institution (with dates)

a)     St. Michael’s School, Aba                      1960 – 1965

b)     Ngwa High School, Aba                        1966-67,1970 – 1972

        West African School Certificate             1972

c)     St. Peter’s College, Akure                      1976  – 1977

        Teacher’s Grade II Certificate                1977

d)     College of Education, Ilesa                    1978 – 1981

        N.C.E (English/History)                         1981

e)     University of Ibadan                               1984’87,1987-89

        B.Ed.( Adult Education) History 2nd Class Upper 1987                                                                       

(f)    University of Ibadan Ibadan                      1987 – 1989

       MLS                                                     1989

g)        University of Ibadan, Ibadan

        PhD (Library & Information Studies)   January, 2000             

2.                  Certificate of Proficiency in Computer Skills, FCE, Abeokuta, 1997.

3.                  Certificate of Registration Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria 2005

4.                  Certificate of Participation on UNESCO MICRO CDS/ISIS Software, August, 2006.

5.                  Certificate of Participation on E-Library and Greenstone Digital Library Software, November, 2006

6.                  Certificate of Registration, Librarians Registration Council of Nigeria 2011.


Awards and Distinctions

1.         Merit Award, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta        1995

2.         Letter of Commendation as a member 22nd Convocation Ceremonies Committee 2011

3.        Award of Distinguished Excellence in service, Committee of College librarians in                 

           Nigeria (COCLIN)2014.

4.       Award of Appreciation of service, FCE, Abeokuta 2015.



1.      Previous Work Experience Outside Tertiary Education System


I           Clerical Officer  –  Ministry of Defence                                 1973 – 1976

                        ii.         Class Teacher, Central School Board, Akure                         1977 – 1978

                        iii         Master III (Teacher/Librarian) Ministry of Education,

             Maiduguri, Borno State                                                         1981 – 1983

                        iv.        Master II Central School Board, Ibadan                                1983 –  1984

                        v.          Librarian-in Training I.I.T.A. Ibadan                                     1988 –  1989


2.      Work Experience in Federal College of Education, Abeokuta

a.    Status


1.    Librarian I                                    (May, 1990 – September, 1993)

2.    Senior Librarian                           (October, 1993 – September,1996)

3.    Principal Librarian                        (October, 1996 – September, 1999)

4.   Assistant Chief Librarian              (October, 1999 – September, 30, 2002)

5.   Chief Librarian                              (1st October, 2002 – 15th April, 2003)

                        6.   College Librarian/Chief Lecture   (16th April,2003- 15th April, 2013)


3.   Teaching Functions (Courses Taught)


1.    EDU 113 Introduction to Library in Education

                        2.    GSE 101 Study Skills

                        3.    GSE 103 Study Skills

                        4.    GSE 108 Introduction to Library Studies

5.        GSE 110 Introduction to Library Studies

6     LIS 222 Information Literacy

7     LIS 412 Archives and Records Management

8     LIS 415 Management of Library and Information Centers

                        9     LIS 811 Research Methods In LIS

                       10    LIS 813 Advanced Information Science

                       11    LIS 911 Advanced Research Methods in LIS

                       12    LIS 923 Intelligence information sources and systems

                       13    LIS 932 Management of archives and records

                       14    LIS 938 Information management in Libraries and Information Centers



                4.     Administration

                        1.    Reference Librarian                                             1990-1994

                        2.    Ag. Head, Technical Service Division                 1990-1993

                        3.    Head, Readers Services Division                         1994-1999

                        4.    Assistant Chief Librarian                                     1999-September 30, 2002

            5.    Chief Librarian (Deputy College Librarian)        1st October, 2002-15th                                                                                                    

                                                                                                            April, 2003                                                                                                                   

                        6.    College Librarian                                                 16th April,2003- 15th April,


                        7.    Head of Department                                           23rd February 2016- Date                                                                 




1.         Fellow, Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria (FICAN)

            2.         Member, Nigerian Library Association

            3.         Member – Committee of College Librarians in Nigeria.

            4.         Council Member, National Association of Library and Information Science Educators



            i.     Thesis/Dissertations


1.         Okeh, E. G:    A Survey of the Quality of Reference Service in USIS (Cultural              

Centre), Library,   Ibadan, Unpublished MLS Dissertation, Department of LARIS.      University of Ibadan, Ibadan, 1989.  Supervisor:  Professor W. O. Aiyepeku/Dr. L. O.   Aina.


2.         Okeh, E.G.:    Information Needs And Change Agents’.  Characteristics as factors                                    in information utilization by rural dwellers in Obingwa area, Abia

State. Unpublished PhD Thesis, Department of LARIS.      University of Ibadan, Ibadan, 1999.  Supervisor: Professor P.O. Fayose.


            ii.         Seminar/Conference Papers


1.         College Seminar, Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, 16th June, 1991


Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘The Realities of Extension Services of College


            2.         A seminar organized by NCCE at College of Education, Minna 22nd –25th

November, 1993.


Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘The Library as an Agency for generating and                      

                                                disseminating Information on Teacher Education’.

            3.         A seminar organized by Federal College of Education, Abeokuta, 23rd

March, 1994.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘Competence in Library Use: Beyond User Education


            4.         School of Arts and Social Science Federal College of Education, Abeokuta       

                        National Conference 24th-27th.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘Lifelong Education:  Implication for Libraries in    



5.                  An Orientation Programme organized for fresh students of Federal College of

Education, Abeokuta, 5th April, 1995.


6.                  International Conference on Special Education held at FCE (Special) Oyo,

27th-31st August, 1997.


Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. and Egunjobi R.A.  ‘The importance and uses of an

Academic Library’.


7.         9th Annual Conference of the Association for Promoting Quality

                        Education in Nigeria (APQEN); National Institute for Nigerian

                        Languges, Aba, 13th – 18th October, 1997.


            8.         2nd National Conference of the School of Arts and Social Sciences F.C.E

                        Abeokuta 19th – 12th November, 1997.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘Functional Illiteracy, Library Services and



            9.         2nd National Conference of the School of Vocational Education F.C.E.

                        Abeokuta 25th – 29th May, 1998.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘Information Provision and Poverty alleviation

                                                in Nigeria’.


            10.       4th National Conference of National Association of Curriculum Theories

                        (NACT).  Imo State University, Owerri 19th – 23rd October, 1998.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. ‘Literacy and Information Provision for

                                                National Progress’.


            11.       Orientation Programme for Fresh Students.  F.C.E. Abeokuta 28th April    



                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. Importance and use of an Academic Library.


            12.       First National Conference of the Faculty of Education, Enugu State

                        University of Science and Technology Enugu. 8th – 11th September,



                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. Information Literacy and Demographic

                                                Characteristics of Nigerian Rural Dwellers.


            13.       Third Zonal Conference of National Association of Educationists for

                        National Development (NAEND) F.C.E. (Special) Oyo, 9th – 12th

                        April, 2000.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. and Oyewole, G.O.  Functional School

                                                Library Services and the Universal Basic Education

                                                in Nigeria.


            14.       Social Studies Teachers Association of Nigeria (SOSTAN) Conference,

                        F.C.E. Abeokuta 2nd – 5th May, 2000.



Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Citizenship Education and Access to

                                                Information for Political Socialization and Unity.


            15.       National Conference on Improved Library and Information

                        Services for Qualitative Teacher Training Programmes, F.C.E (Special)

                        Oyo 5th – 7th September, 2000.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. Training Qualified Library Personnel for

                                                the Universal Basic Education (UBE); Unresolved



            16.       Fifth National Conference on Successful Implementation of

                        Universal Basic Education (UBE); Challenges for the Educational

                        Institutions’ Administrators and Supervisory Bodies, F.C.E.

                        Kontagora, 6th – 9th September, 2000.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. Literacy and Access to Information;

                                                Pre-requisites for Poverty Alleviation.


            17.       First National Conference of School of Vocational and Technical

                        Education, Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Ijanikin, Lagos

                        (VOTEC) 20th –23rd November, 2000.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Library Information Services Education in

                                                Teacher Preparation;Challenges of Education.


18.              Eighth Conference of the Faculty of Education, Lagos State University on

Educational Development in Lagos State, Lagos State University Ojo,

                        10th – 14th September, 2001.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Application of Computer Technology to

                                                Library Services in Colleges of Education.


            19.       Annual Conference of the Nigerian Association for Educational

                        Administration and Planning.  University of Benin, 29th – October 1st –

                        November, 2001.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Management Information System; A

                                                Pre-requisite for Quality Education in Nigeria.


            20.       First Annual International Conference of School of Languages,

                        Tai Solarin College of Education, Ijebu-Ode.  7th – 10th May, 2002.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Using Citations in Scholarly Communication.



            21.       Workshop Organized for Proprietors and Proprietresses of Approved

                        Nursery and Primary Schools (APPANASOS) Ogun State at June 12

                        Cultural Centre, Abeokuta, 17th – 18th October, 2002.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  The UBE and the Provision of Library



            22.       Nigerian Library Association (Ogun State Chapter) AGM/Conference

                        held at Neuro Psychiatric Hospital, Abeokuta, 11th December, 2002.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Recent Developments and Possibilities for

                                                Training Library Personnel for Nigerian Primary Schools.


            23.       Seminar on Writing Academic Paper organized by the College Journals

                        and Conference Committee of Federal College of Education , Abeokuta,

                        11th May, 2005.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G.  Writing Academic Paper:  Which Way?


            24.       First National Conference organized by the College of Education

                        Academic Staff Union (COEASU) F.C.E. Abeokuta 8th – 12th May, 2006.


                        Paper Read:  Okeh, E.G. Developing Optimum Reading Culture for

                                                Better Teacher Production in Nigeria.


25.       Committee of College Librarians in Nigeria Conference/AGM held at FCT College of Education, Zuba, Abuja, 21st – 25th May, 2012.


Paper Read: Okeh, E. G. Library Education in Colleges of Education: A panacea for poor reading culture in Basic Education Schools in Nigeria.


26.       First International Conference; College of Agricultural and Science Education (CASE) Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike. 12 – 16th July, 2015.


            Paper Read: Okeh, E. G. Influence of Aliteracy and New Literacies on      

Reading Habits of Teacher Trainees in Federal College of  Education, Abeaokuta, Nigeria.


27.       18th National Conference of Nigerian Association of Library and Information Science Educators, Conference Centre University of Ibadan Nigeria 9th – 13th May 2016

               Paper Read: Okeh E.G. Evaluation of Library and Information Science Students           Industrial Work Experience Scheme in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike Nigeria. 

28           19th National Conference of Nigeria Association of Library and Information Science

Educators, Federal Polytechnic Nekede Owerri 27thNovember – 1st December, 2017.

Paper Read: Agricultural Information Provision In Library And Information                                                                                                 

                         Science Education for Sustainable Development: A case of cassava. 

            29            6Th Annual Conference/ AGM of Nigerian Library  Association (NLA) Abia state               

                         Chapter Uche Ogah Auditorium, Abia State University Uturu. Tuesday 5th – Friday 8th

                          December 2017

                                Paper Read:  Okeh E.G Libraries And Sustainable Development In Nigeria.

                              A Keynote Address.                                                                                                                             

30  National Library of Nigeria 2018 Readership Campaign Programme. National Library of Nigeria, Umuahia. 22nd May 2018


Paper Read:  Okeh E.G. Life Long Reading Culture In Nigeria: Can Be                Sustained?

A Lecture on Redersship Campaign.                                                                                                                             



           iii.        Books and Chapters in Books                


            1.         Onanuga, J.F. & Okeh, E.G. ‘Library Studies for College Students

                        (Revised Edition) Abeokuta:  Goad Educational Publishers, 1999.


            2.         Onanuga, J.F & Okeh, E.G. ‘Introduction to Library Studies.  A chapter

                        in the Osiele Study Series General Studies Vol.2, Abeokuta, Goad

                        Education Publishers, 1999.


            3.         Okeh, E.G. (2001) ‘Literacy and Access to Information:  Prerequisites

                        for Poverty Alleviation in Ogunwole, E.A (Ed.)  Successful

                        Implementation of Universal Basic Education (UBE) Scheme in Nigeria.

                        Kontagora F.C.E, Research and Publication Unit.  Pp. 205 –213.


            4.         Okeh, E.G. (2001):  Training Qualified Library Personnel for the 

                        Universal Basic Education:  Unresolved Issues, In Quadri, R.F and

                        Gbadamosi, B.O.  (eds).  Issues in Library and Information Services.

                        Ibadan:  Eniola-Jay Communications Inc.



5.                  Okeh, E.G. (2004) Introduction to Library and Information Studies.  Ibadan: Euniprints International Media.


6.                  Okeh, E. G.  (2007): Developing An Optimum Reading Culture For Better Teacher Education in Nigeria, in Filani Olakunle, (ed.) Issues in Teacher Education: Nigerian Experience. Abeokuta:  Federal College of Education.



7.                  Okeh, E. G.  ( Ed) 2008: Understanding the use of Library and Information Services.

Euniprints International Media.



III        Journal Articles


1.         Okeh, E.G. (1998)  ‘Literacy and Information Provision for National Progress Nigerian Journal of Curriculum and Instruction Vol. 7, No.1 Nov.


2.         Okeh, E.G. (1999)  ‘Science Education Students’ Perceptions and Attitude towards Library Service, Journal of Science Education Vol.3, No.1 May.


3.                  Okeh, E.G. (1999) ‘Competence in Library Use: Beyond User Education’

Education Today Vol.8. No.1, Dec.


4.         Okeh, E.G. (2000) ‘Information Provision and Poverty Alleviation in

Nigeria.  Wonder Hands:  Journal of Vocational Education, Federal

                        College of Education, Abeokuta Vol.3.


5.         Okeh. E.G.(2001) ‘Citizenship Education and Access to Information for

Political Socialization and Unity in Nigeria:’ Journal of Social Studies

Vol.3, N0.2 March.


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            7.         Okeh, E.G. (2002) Information Literacy Level of Rural Dwellers in Aba

                        Area of Abia State Nigeria.  Nigerian Journal of Library, Archives

                        and Information Science Vol. 1. No.1.



            8.         Okeh, E.G. (2002) Change Agents and Information Provision in Rural

                        Communities: the case of selected Nigerian Rural Communities.

                        Gateway Library Journal Vol.5(1/2).


9.         Okeh, E.G. (2008) Virtual Library Development in Colleges of Education in Nigeria The Challenge of Human Capacity Building. COCLIN Journal of Library and Information Science. Vol. 4 No. 1.


10.     Okeh, E. G. (2012) Library Education in Colleges of Education: A Panacea for Poor Reading Culture in Basic Education Schools in Nigeria.

             COCLIN Journal of Library and Information Science Vol. 5 No.1&2 Dec.



11      Okeh, E. G. (2014)  Information Needs and Change Agents Change Characteristics as     Factors in Information Utilization by Rural Dwellers in Obingwa area Nigeria.


Abeokuta  Journal of Multidisciplinary Research p.152-168


12        Okeh, E. G. (2016)  An evaluation of Library and Information Science students SIWES Scheme in MOUAU, In proceedings of NALISE Annual conference 2016.


13         Okeh, E. G. (2016) Influence of A Literacy AND New Literacies on Reading Habits of Teacher Trainees in FCE Abeokuta Nigeria, In International Journal of education studies 1(3) Sept, 2016.




            1.         National Workshop on the Nigerian Library in the Next Millennium

                        organized by the Nigerian Library Association (Ogun State Chapter)

                        held at the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, October 25th – 29th, 1999.


2.         NCCE/FME – UNESCO Cooperation Workshop on Communication

                        Education and Information Technology held at Federal College of

                        Education, Abeokuta, September 25th – 29th, 2000.


3.         AGM/Conference of the Committee of College Librarians in Nigeria

                        (COCLIN) on Developing Electronic Information for Libraries in

                        Nigeria Colleges of Education at FCT College of Education, Zuba

                        29 – 31st October, 2003.


            4.         National Conference and AGM of the Nigerian Library Association

                        “Akure 2004 on Libraries:  Tools for Educational Development

                        20 – 25th June, 2004.


            5.         AGM/Conference of the Committee of College Librarians in Nigeria

                        (COCLIN) at Akwanga Nasarawa State 13th – 17th February, 2006


            6.         ETF Joint Zonal Technical Workshop on Quality Control and Due

                        Process Administration for NorthWest and SouthWest Zones at

                        6th College of Education, Ilorin, 6th – 7th June, 2006.


7.                  UNESCO MICRO CDS/ISIS Software Workshop, Lagos 23rd – 25th August, 2006.


8.                  ETF Capacity Building Workshop for Librarians of Tertiary Institutions

In Nigeria on Greenstone Digital Library Software, November, 2006.


9.         Nigerian Library Association 45th National Conference and AGM, 9th – 14th September, 2007, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.


10.       Nigerian Library Association Ogun State Chapter Annual Conference/AGM 12th December, 2007. Abeokuta.


11.       AGM/Conference of COCLIN held at NCCE,Abuja ,11th-14th    

                         March, 2008.


12.       ETF Year 2008 Stakeholders Workshop with beneficiaries. NCCE Abuja.


13.       Senate Committee on Education. National Summit. Sheraton, Abuja.

            10th – 11th December, 2008.


14.       AGM/Conference of COCLIN held in FCT COE, Zuba, Abuja, 10th -13th March, 2009.


15.       ETF Year 2009 Stakeholders Workshop with beneficiaries. NCCE Abuja. 30th October, 2009


16.       Educational Retreat on Advancing Tertiary Education through linkage, University of Education, Winneba, Ghana 15th – 19th March, 2010


17.       International Tertiary Institutions Top Executives Program Linkages, Collaborations and Exchange Opportunities with British Educational Institution held at Oxford Brooks University 18th – 22nd October, 2010


18        COCLIN AGM 2nd Annual Conference FCE Okene, 8th – 11th March, 2011


19.         Visual Communication Seminar for graphic Artist, Designers and Teachers in Higher Education, FCE Abeokuta 7th July 2011


20.              International Workshop on Corporate Governance, Leadership and Change Management Held in Dubai 8th – 15th October, 2011


21.              International Linkage programme on Creativity and Innovation panacea to Effective Strategic Management and Leadership held in Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, Aug 26th – Sept 1st, 2012


22.              COCLIN Conference and AGM on Future of Nigerian Library and Information Service held in Federal College of Education (Tech.) Akoka, Lagos 18th-22nd March,2013.



 23      CONCLIN/AGM/ conference held in Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo 2014.       






            1.         Okeh, E.G. Federal College of Education, Abeokuta NCE Project

                        Index (1979 –1989).


            2.         Okeh, E.G. ‘An Annotated Bibliography of Primary Education Studies’

                        Compiled for National Primary Education Commission, Kaduna

                        November, 1995.


    H.   PROJECT/CANDIDATE SUPERVISED          DATE                    DEGREE AWARDED     

              14 Candidates                                                     2015/2016                            BLIS

              08 Candidates                                                     2015/2016

                                                                                          2016/2017                    PHD IN PROGRESS

              04 Candidates                                                     2015/2016/17               MLIS IN PROGRESS




            1.         Represented the College Librarian at Management

Meetings                                                                                 1991-2002

            2.         Represented the College Librarian at MAC                           1991-2002      

3.         Represented the College Librarian at

A&PC (Senior)                                                                       1991-2002

            4.         Represented the College Librarian at

                        A&PC (Junior Staff)                                                               1991-2002

            5.         Represented the College Librarian at

                        Academic Board                                                                     1991-2002

            6.         Member Library Committee                                                   1999-2001

            7.         Member Research and Publication Committee                       1993-1995

            8.         Member Think-Tank on Revenue Generation             1998-1999

            9.         Member College Workshop/Seminar/

                        Conference Committee                                                           1996-1998      

            10.       Represented the College Librarian at Sabbatical

                        Committee                                                                              1997-2000

            11.       Represented the College Librarian at Academic

                        Ceremonies Committee                                                           1996-1997

            12.       Member, Students Disciplinary Committee                            2002

            13.       Member, Committee on Brochure for F.C.E.,

                        Abeokuta 25 years Anniversary                                              2002-2003

            14.       Member, Board of CESAPREP                                             2002-2003

15.              Chairman, Board of FCE Osiele Ventures Ltd                      2004-2006

16.              Chairman, ICT Committee                                                     2004-2007

            17.       Chairman, Ad-Hoc Committee on Issue of

                        Allowance in Federal College of Education,

                        Abeokuta                                                                                2006.

18.       Chairman Panel of enquiry into the inferno at Hall 1 FCE Abeokuta March 2007

19.       External Assessor for promotion of Librarians in Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

December 2007

20.       Chairman Academic Board Panel of Enquiry into the Inferno at Hall 1 FCE.  11TH March             2007.       

21.       External Assessor for promotion of Librarian, Fed Poly Ilaro Dec ,2007   

22.       Editor – in – chief ­COCLIN Journal   2008- 2013.   

            23.       Member Internal Assessment Committee for Acad. Staff Promotion. 2009               

            24.       Chairman Computer Centre and Services Board        2009 – Date

            25.       College Librarian                                            2003 – 2013.                          

            26.       Member College Management Board             2003 – 2013.

            27.       Member Academic Board 2003 – 2013.

28.       Resource person for appointment of College Librarian in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education, Lagos  2011

29.       Chairman, Panel of Enquiry on 05 Aug, 2012 Students Protest 2012

30.       Member College Management MOUAU

            31.       Senior Elder United Church of Christ District 12 Aba.   



            Prof. K. I. N. Nwalo                                     

            Department of Library Archival  And Information Studies,                              

            University of Ibadan                                                  



            Professor, P.O. Fayose

            Dept. of Library Archival and Information Studies

            University of Ibadan



            Professor Nneka Umezulike

            Dean College Of Education (COED)

            Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Umudike 


            Dr. A. A. Ajayi


            Federal College of Education, Abeokuta




                                                               EMEKA OKEH PhD.

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