About Us – Industrial Technology Education

About Us


Towards making the Department “a centre of excellence in teaching, facilitation of learning, research and community development geared towards producing teachers, Educational Administrators, Educational Psychologists, Curriculum experts, Counselors, Adult Education Administrators, Economics Education/Accounting Education/ Business Education Administrators and Managers with adequate modern, professional characterization in Nigeria and beyond”.


To develop world class human resources in the art, science and practice of the disciplines in the Department in response to the national needs and global challenges through qualitative undergraduate and post graduate teaching, learning, research and community service.


The following objectives will guide the Department:

  1. Train vocational teachers for Secondary Schools and Technical Colleges, Colleges of Education (Technical), Monotechnics Polytechnics and related Institutions.
  2. Retrain and up-date the knowledge/skill of serving Industrial Technology Teachers.
  3. Provide postgraduate training for industrial technology teachers
  4. Conduct continuous occupational education for senior administrative staff in industrial technology education Programmes/Ministerial Department
  5. Undertake researchers and maintain a database in Industrial Technology Education in the south eastern states of Nigeria.
Philosophy – Industrial Technology Education

The philosophy of Industrial Technology Education includes among others: the belief that individuals differ in their occupational choice (interest, aptitude, ability, etc) and ample opportunities should be provided, for them to exercise their choices. Furthermore, it is implicit in the philosophy of Industrial Technology Education that societies develop through the skill demonstrated by different levels of professional rather than the artificial status connotations ascribed to some professions and the neglect of others. In addition, resource allocation should be guided by the needs of the people and should be subjected to continuous review.