Program Information – Science Education

Programme Information

Currently, the Department offers courses leading to the award of Degree of Bachelor in Science Education (B.Ed), Masters in Science Education and Doctor of philosophy degree in Science Education respectively in these areas:

  1. Biology Education
  2. Chemistry Education
  3. Computer Science Education
  4. Integrated Science Education
  5. Mathematics Education
  6. Physics Education
  7. Measurement and Evaluation (M.Ed. and Ph.D.)
Duration of Degree Programme

The B.Ed programme of the Department for UME candidates lasts for four years (100-400 Levels). However, a student repeating courses may be allowed to remain on the programme for a maximum of six years. Direct entry students placed at 200 Level on admission are allowed a maximum of five years to complete the B.Ed programme. Any student that fails to complete the programme at the end of the maximum time allowed for the programme will be advised to permanently withdraw from the University.

Career/ Job Opportunities

The Science Education programme is designed to address the need for professionally qualified Science teachers who can impact scientific and technical knowledge and skills to students, thereby contributing to the scientific and technological development and advancement of the nation. Graduates of this programme will be employed as teachers in Secondary Schools, Colleges of Education and Technical Colleges. The students are prepared to generate employment for themselves and teeming Nigerian youths because of the practical emphasis the Department lays on their training. They are also prepared for careers in Industries and related government agencies.