Vision and Objectives – Science Education

Vision and Objectives - Science Education


The vision of Science Education department is in line with the overall vision of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, which sets out to achieve national greatness through self-sufficiency in food and fiber production as disseminated through research and extension. The science education programme is designed to equip students with the basic and general knowledge in pure and applied sciences with reference to their specific area of specialization in Biology Education, Chemistry Education, Computer Science Education, Integrated Science Education, Mathematics Education, Physics Education and Measurement and Evaluation.


The objectives of Science Education in the University include

  1. To produce science teachers with the spirit of scientific inquiry, creativity, self-reliance in the teaching industry and related occupations.
  2. To produce highly motivated, competent and conscientious science teachers that will be efficient and effective in instructional delivery in sciences and related disciplines.
  3. To produce teachers with intellectual and professional abilities adequate for leadership roles in performance of their duties.
  4. To produce teachers that will have adequate commitment to the teaching profession by fostering integrity, discipline, honor and respect in teaching locally and globally.